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Dr.M.G.R Educational & Research Institute, Chennai

Our Achievements

Two interior Architecture post graduate students from the Faculty of Architecture, Dr. M. G. R. Educational & Research Institute Chennai, have won accolades in an international furniture design competition "Wine and Design".
Wine and design is a Competition for objects and ideas at the service of Wine. The competition was based in Verona, Italy the city famous for its furniture and wine.
The Appio Spagnolo Association announced the competition of ideas for the creation of design objects that can enhance the Wine, the craftsmanship of the furniture and that allow a positive mounting in the juxtaposition of these productive worlds.
This competition was introduced to the post graduate students as part of their interior design studio in second semester. Student Ms.Uthra Mahmood has won the first prize of 3000 euros, among the 72 worldwide entries judged by multifaceted panel of jury.
A seating cum bottle/glass storage with semiotics inspired from ancient Egyptian wine press, hieroglyphics and wine glass is the underlying thought process of Ms. Uthra’s winning design.

Student Mr.Aravindh has won a special mention in the same design competition, in which he has created a visual analogy of a wine bottle in his furniture which can be used both indoor and outdoor. The students have proudly said the reason for their success in the competition are creative freedom and motivation that their design faculty, the department heads & honorable president provided them in academics. First prize winner was felicitated over Skype by the organisers on the occasion of Vinitaly on April 9th, 2019. The jury included designer Cleto Munari, Ar.Luca Bezzetto, Ar. Alessandro Beghini and other creative professionals.
Out of the 3prize winners and 5special mentions of the international furniture design competition, 2 are from Dr. M. G. R. Educational & Research Institute, Chennai. It is a great honour for the institution and on the occasion its President Er. A. C. S. Arunkumar is said to be very proud of the Architecture faculty and students, as the department is very close to his heart since its inception.

Uthra Mahmood

Student Ms.Uthra Mahmood has won the first prize of 3000 euros, among the numerous worldwide entries, judged by multifaceted panel of jury.

Aravindh Ramu

Student Mr. Aravindh Ramu has won a special mention among the numerous worldwide entries, judged by multifaceted panel of jury.