Bachelor of Architecture

B.Arch - Bachelor of Architecture

  • The Bachelor of Architecture programme aims at attaining a high level of excellence in architectural design.
  • Studio exercises are viewed as the core of the programme with crucial inputs being provided by experts specializing in the fields of arts, humanities, engineering and technology, and professional practice of architecture.
  • A strong foundation of multidisciplinary enabling skills related to space, construction, environment and aesthetics is offered to the students. These skills include drawing, architectural presentation, research and writing, computer applications, technical and managerial aptitudes in problem definition and solution seeking.
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    Program Outcomes
    PO1 Acquire outstanding fundamental knowledge in the field of architecture.
    PO2 Encompass the ability to work in collaboration with interdisciplinary teams.
    PO3 Act and communicate ideas through concepts, speaking, numeracy, writing, drawing, modeling and evaluation.
    PO4 Aware of the role of technical documentation and specifications in design realization, and of the processes of construction, cost, planning and control.
    PO5 Acting with the innovative technical competence in the use of emerging trends in the building industry.
    PO6 Understanding the diverse needs of values and systems of society